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Over years past, I’ve meet with personal trainers and they didn’t work out, never seemed too interested in the client. Kevin is truely an excellent trainer on top of his knowledge and medical background he is effortlessly personable and makes you feel great when you leave a training session with him. As a client with scoliosis His attitude and dedication is like no other trainer i’ve meet with. Following his guidance and helping me alter my nutrition has made me overall stronger and healthier and continuing a lifestyle that will stick with me for life. He is one of kind and you can’t find that in just anyone.


A few years back I decided I wanted to compete, something I have always wanted to do but never did. Out of nowhere one day a trainer from my gym called and offered me a free training session. I normally would say no but I decided to make an appointment. I met with Kevin (my coach) and realized I needed balance and endurance training. About 4 months into training for bikini, I decided to switch it up and do figure instead. He let me know it was going to be a ton of work and told be to buckle up and get ready. He made me a diet plan that was so strict, I’m pretty sure I cried and threw a temper tantrum at 25 yrs old. He taught me so much. My workouts were intense and I actually trained with Kevin. Many coaches for shows write you a plan and you check in with them once a week or month. He actually trained with me almost daily. He’d text me daily to make sure my diet was on track. He kept me motivated. When I wanted to quit, he’d remind me of why I don’t want to quit. When I’d call him at midnight nervous about the show, he’d tell me I’m already a winner. I’d do my own research and question him and he’d always explain why we are doing things the way we were. I have to say, training with Kevin was difficult, he pushed me to my limits. It was a process and it was emotional, as crazy as that sounds but he was amazing. I’d do it all over again in a heart beat. My goals were met and he was there daily walking me through every step. At the end I placed 3rd in my category and overall. I couldn’t be happier with my results and the experience that came with it. Proud to be part of the original Iron Banner Team. Best wishes and love you guys. I’m sure I’ll be working with you again in the near future!


My training experience with Kevin was amazing. At first I was skeptical of myself, I never thought I could be happy with my weight, I thought the only thing that would work was prescription weight loss pills, but Kevin showed me the healthy way, the right way. I was really uncomfortable in the gym and he made me feel like I was exactly where I needed to be. Kevin is extremely educated not only in the gym but in health and nutrition as well. He showed me the things I needed to focus on to get where I wanted to be and also taught me how to food shop properly to meet my goals. I was originally training with him 2 times per week after a month I bumped it to 3 and then before long I was going to the gym by myself 6 times per week. During that time I felt the best I ever did and because of Kevin always pushing me and helping me stay positive I was able to walk in the gym not afraid but confident and ready to workout, without Kevin’s compassion to help others I wouldn’t be where I am today.


When I hired Kevin as my trainer, I was 240lb and had two weeks to prepare for the police academy physical exam. With his guidance, I went from being sedentary to beating the exam in two weeks. From there, I lost 45lb and got into the best shape of my life.

Because he got me into shape, I was able to carry a lifeless person to safety and ultimately help save their life. I still perform the same workouts and try to follow the same dietary guidelines to this day. Thank you, Kevin.

Richard A.

My name is Andy Weiss and I am one of the Franchise Owners for the San Antonio (Texas), Wilmington (Delaware) and Louisville (Kentucky) Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Clinics, as well as the Smyrna and Camden, Delaware Anytime Fitness’. On behalf of my wife (Carla) and myself, we have had the incredible opportunity and pleasure for the past (4) years to know and interact with Kevin Lindsay.

We wanted to take this time to convey how reliable and honest Kevin is as an individual, and his overall authenticity/genuine/positive nature, his professionalism, as well as his attention to detail. Since day one, Kevin’s engagement as a person, as well as to my wife and I when he was personal training the both of us, were/are nothing but in our best interests and have been nothing but a positive experience to the both of us. We currently have own the #1 Ideal Image (out of 100 Clinics Nationwide) and also have just shy of (50) years combined professional interaction experience with a multitude of individuals in the Media Industry, Medical Industry, Fitness Industry, and we would completely place Kevin in a top tier in terms of those key traits you want to witness whenever interacting with someone or another business.

We would highly recommend anyone to hire Kevin as we feel he is nothing but an asset to whatever business is so lucky as to have him on their team.

Please feel free and to contact me directly for further feedback if necessary at (727) 424-9061.

Andy Weiss

Ideal Image Franchise Owner Wilmington (Delaware), San Antonio (Texas) and Louisville (Kentucky), Anytime Fitness Franchise Owner Smyrna (Delaware), Camden (Delaware)

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