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About Us

Iron Banner Fitness is your ultimate fitness experts. We strive for the utmost expert service to exceed anyone’s fitness expectations. Our high-quality equipment and knowledgeable guidance will help you reach your fitness goals no matter your level. If you’re stepping into the fitness world, or you’re already a warrior doing competitive training, we want to encourage as many people as possible to unlock potential that will make their life healthier, both mentally and physically.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Iron Banner Fitness. I’m ecstatic to have you all here. I created Iron Banner Fitness from my passion for fitness, and the ability to make lives healthier across the world. I am a sponsored athlete and certified personal trainer for 17 years along with being Certified master Trainer of 5 years. I specialize in many training techniques that are tailored to each individuals needs. I understand after being in the fitness world for many years that the most challenging obstacle we tackle daily is time. I have developed critical strategies to ensure ways to redirect more time to for fitness and health. I look forward to teaching everyone these skills along with accurate Fitness, Nutrition and coaching.

Personal growth can be a process and very challenging for many. I’ve experienced this myself from Competing In bodybuilding competitions. It takes an immense amount dedication and discipline. But I believe it has made me a better person and an even better coach by fueling my passion for fitness. I look forward to making everyone’s training experience accelerating and fun as possible along their fitness journey.

Kevin Lindsay

Iron banners fitness commits to sticking by your side to motivate you,Inspire you.We want you to become a better version of yourself with each training session

1 on 1 in home training

The in-home training works great for everyone who really can’t make time for the gym. Stretching, Strength training and weight management custom plans will be combined for you to take advantage all in the comfort of your home.

Interval HIIT Training

HIIT training is a short burst of high-intensity workouts that have rest periods in between. It is suitable for any fitness level. You are sure to burn calories for more extended periods of time even after the workout is complete. It will increase you’re all around conditioning and cardiovascular health.

Weight loss coaching

Whether you’re having trouble losing or gaining weight, the weight loss coaching will teach you how to obtain these goals quickly. It will help you build a foundation for a happier healthier lifestyle. The coaching will boost your confidence and well being.

Kids Youth Training

Starting kids in functional exercise are very beneficial to them. This program is designed to increase your child’s muscle strength and endurance, which can improve their all-around health. They will have a better chance of preventing future injuries. The programs are supervised and adequately customized to your child’s fitness level at the time. It is very safe, and will get your child into a healthy routine.

Recover and injury training

The purpose of the Injury recovery training. Is to help teach and guide you in healing your body through a series of static stretching that will improve blood flow in the affected areas.Along the healing recovery process, we intensely focus on balancing out the body to reduce pain as much as possible.Building strength becomes key in aiding the recovery process; It will help reduce inflammation and become an asset to preventing more damage to your body.

Stretch and abs blasting classes

Stretching is one the essential building blocks to having a well-rounded balances body along with a solid core. This class is a combination of focused, dynamic stretches that expand your flexibility. Isolated abs blasting exercises will work side by side with the stretching. This will not only help you get a leaner more defined physique but also maintain condition and stabilizes your body.

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